Incredibles – Chocolate Crunch 3g Psilocybin

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1 piece x 3g PSILOCYBIN

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Recipe changed – The photo on packaging does not match current product.

Incredibles Chocolate Crunch is a decadent, butterscotch, chocolate cereal crunch bar, topped with Skor chunks. Each package contains 3g of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. Great for a trip with a friend or broken down for microdosing.

For microdosing we suggest starting out with 1/8th of a piece. This will provide 46.88mg of Psilocybin which is a good starting point for microdosing. From there you can adjust dosing accordingly depending on personal results.

Contains dairy*
Best kept refrigerated or frozen if not consumed immediately**

Please enjoy responsibly, wait up to 2 hours for effects to fully kick in before consuming more to determine a comfortable dosage.

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